Devin Taylor

Principal Data Scientist

Devin works as a Principal Data Scientist at WovenLight. In his role, he is focused on the development and deployment of analytic solutions which drive value creation at WovenLight portfolio companies.

Devin previously worked as a software engineer in markets and trading, where he focused on building the underlying trading platform and associated trading algorithms for a bank. Prior to that, he was the lead data scientist in product development at a start-up in South Africa where he built a scalable machine learning product to automate the end-to-end process of data capturing.

Devin holds an MPhil in Computer Science from the University of Cambridge, where his research investigated interpretable machine learning methods in the medical field.

I believe an area that is often overlooked in the application of data science in industry is the long-term vision and maintainability of the developed solutions. At WovenLight this focus on sustainable value creation is central theme of our whole approach, which I find very exciting!

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