Fabian Peters

Principal Product Engineer - Machine Learning

Fabian is a Principal Engineer on WovenLight's Product Team where he focuses on turning analytics plays into well-tested, reusable software components.

Fabian’s role at WovenLight is to make sure that every deployment is more efficient than the last. To achieve this, he designs and builds tools for the deployment team and helps define WovenLight’s strategy for putting analytics solutions into production.

Before WovenLight, Fabian spent three years at QuantumBlack, Boston as a Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer where he built software products for process optimisation, telematics-based insurance solutions and semi-conductor R&D.

Fabian got started in analytics in the London startup scene after completing his studies in neuroscience, first at Oxford (MSc)  and then at UCL (Phd).

One of the most satisfying aspects of my career is getting to apply machine learning in the real world. In doing so, I have found that creating the first model is often just a small part of the process. To create lasting value, you also need a solid deployment strategy, a path to models two and three, and tools to debug your system and react when things go wrong. I am excited about bringing these capabilities to our portfolio companies.

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