Man Kit Siu

Data Scientist

Man Kit is a Data Scientist at WovenLight. He works alongside other scientists and engineers to improve internal operations and drive value creation at WovenLight portfolio companies.

Before joining WovenLight, Man Kit was a data scientist at the UK online fashion retailer ASOS. His projects ranged from improving delivery solutions, optimising clearance pricing to forecasting country sales. Prior to his data science career path, he was an analyst at an investment bank specialising in supply chain finance. Man Kit holds an MSc in Applied Statistics from University of Oxford and a second MSc in Computational Statistics and Machine Learning from UCL.

Man Kit is a coffee enthusiast and home barista. Pour over, immersion, espresso, milk-based or straight/black, he makes/drinks/loves them all. He is also a keen cyclist and has a particular appreciation for steel bikes from the 90s.

Dialling in brew temperature, coffee weight, ground size, water flow rate for different roast profile and taste notes, I like to think making coffee is not too different to data science. Variables are often interdependent and correlated in unexpected ways, and it is through observation and experimentation to find what works and what does not.

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