Simon Williams

Managing Partner

Simon is focussed on weaving the skills and methods of data science with the private equity investment lifecycle to deliver a consistent and differentiated approach.

Simon’s career in applied data started more than 25 years ago. He was a Co-Founder and Chief Executive of QuantumBlack, an analytics firm with its roots in Formula 1. QuantumBlack was acquired by McKinsey & Co, and now has a global presence helping leading organisations improve operational performance through advanced analytics. Simon started his career at Reuters in product management and then moved to ABN AMRO in Amsterdam. In due course he progressed to building technology companies. WovenLight is the fourth firm Simon has helped set up. Two others sold. One failed.

Simon lives in Twickenham, south-west London with his wife, two children and faithful hound.

As a fan of fine cartography, I realised that maps are layers of data that can be turned on and off to answer different questions; as this data continuously morphs and evolves the most valuable element is not the insight it offers, but the feedback mechanism it gives us. It allows you to learn faster.

To me, this observation is critical to reskilling humans and redesigning processes to tackle our future challenges and protect livelihoods.

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