Thomas French

Head of Product Engineering

Thomas is focused on building the technology that supports WovenLight across the investment lifecycle: from identifying and assessing opportunities, to deploying data science in portfolio companies. He is passionate about bringing together software engineering and data science to create sustainable value.

Prior to WovenLight, Thomas was at GroupM, Data & Technology, where he led architecture and development of a data science platform and products, focused on modelling and simulation capabilities. Before GroupM he was CTO at Sandtable, a data science company, leading technical direction and development of data science platforms and tools. Thomas holds a PhD in Informatics from the University of Edinburgh.

Outside of work, Thomas is a keen runner and spinner, and attends a lot of stand-up comedy. He also loves travelling, more recently on group cycling trips.

We're in the early days of data science in terms of value creation, across companies of all sizes. Realising the huge potential will require bringing together the best of software engineering and data science. I'm passionate about the intersection of these fields, and believe building a scalable approach will require laying solid foundations, with continuous feedback and improvement. I'm excited to play a part in this.

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