Zuzana Manhart

Data Scientist

Zuzana works as a Data Scientist at WovenLight. In her role, she leads the development of analytic solutions which drive value creation at WovenLight portfolio companies.

Prior to WovenLight, Zuzana worked for start-ups within the blockchain space and the UK energy sector. In these roles, she used data and analytics to transform businesses without existing data capabilities. She has experience across the entire machine learning lifecycle - from quality assurance of data at collection, to building predictive and explanatory models, to deploying and monitoring models in production.

Zuzana is passionate about advances in machine learning and their optimisation for use in real world applications. She holds an MSc in Computational Statistics and Machine Learning from UCL together with a BA in Mathematics and Economics from Haverford College. When not buried in data, Zuzana competes in UK Masters Level Swimming events.

The most exciting and fulfilling part of my work as a data scientist is in seeing the real world impact on users and businesses. The most cutting-edge algorithm technique is of little use if the resulting model is not robust, explainable and trusted by the humans with whom it interacts.

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