Dragonfly is our platform that systematically consolidates and codifies know-how, benchmarks and code back into our three core engines.

Delivery Engine

Data Engine

Diagnostics Engine

These templates capture data requirements, best-practice analytics techniques and comprise of pre-built machine learning pipelines, performance benchmarks and operational deployment scripts.

Pre-built code assets means that robust solutions are developed faster and make it easier to deploy production-grade software whilst our open-source approach to development allows for seamless transfer of the ongoing capability to the firms we work with.

Our pragmatic ‘Golden Path’ approach means our best practices, methods and requirements are codified as our ideal path, but configurable based upon context, such as quality of data, existing infrastructure, regulatory context and available talent.

Configurable templates act as co-pilots enablers to accelerate deployment

Delivery engine photo: cyclist
Data engine photo: car detail

Anchored upon 15 years of experience creating value across multiple sectors we collated our experience into a benchmark database of what works where in what context.

This database is continuously expanded by our tools which monitor model performance and track operational impact to clearly measure the impact of value creation initiatives and compare performance against expected outcomes from the investment thesis.

These proprietary benchmarks and classifications give a unique perspective unlocking value.

Provides evidence to better inform investment decisions

Scout, profile and prioritise opportunities in hours not weeks. We combine (private) available company information with publicly available data and our proprietary performance benchmarks.

This information is acquired, merged and processed by leveraging appropriate machine learning and GenAI approaches, including our in-house developed LLM agents, company similarity and proprietary ranking algorithms.

Understand the art-of-the-possible in incremental data-driven value creation opportunities

Diagnostics engine photo: camera components