Improving Customer Retention

November 15, 2023

A marine telecommunications provider was facing issues with customers churning at the point of migration to a new technology. The goals of the project were to better understand drivers of churn and migrations, and to provide leads in order to prioritise efforts from the commercial team.


Ran rapid diagnostic to understand value at stake and validate feasibility. Used existing playbook template as jumping off point and customised to specific churn and migration context.

Connected previously isolated data sources including customer characteristics, consumption and external data and created a new vessel entity which defined the unit of analysis.

Built multiple ML models including explanatory and predictive and integrated them in a modelling pipeline  which delivered insights  through existing dashboards.

  • Explanatory model extracted qualitative insights, helping characterise churners and migrators 
  • Predictive model provided leads used by the sales teams to prioritise commercial efforts 
  • Model outputs were integrated with in-house BI dashboards and CRM solution, giving users access to data-driven insights from their portfolio and facilitating the feedback loop
  • Results from the pilot showed 4x increase in migration rates for the prioritise leads vs baseline
  • Undertook talent assessment presenting a series of recommendations to consolidate the new capability including recommended team structure, recruiting best practice, training and handover to the team