Underpinning Diligence

Healthcare & Life Sciences
North America
November 15, 2023

One of WovenLight’s partners was interested in acquiring a $5bn healthcare company.

Firstly, we were asked to do an outside-in assessment of value creation through data & analytics based on expert interviews and CDD.

We then supported on Phase I & II of the deal process on value creation, analytics maturity and disruption risk from AI/ML.


We conducted our initial outside-in diligence using data from our Company Lens product and scoring from our Calculation Engine. We extended this with internal expertise and desk research.

We refined our assessment in Phase I and II during the live process based on management interviews, VDD and deal data room.


We shared perspective on 11 value play opportunities sizing impacts which represented material uplift in EBITDA.

Shared view on value of proprietary data and company’s existing analytics maturity.

Finally, provided view on AI/ML disruption risks likely to affect one of their core business lines to understand downside risks.

Assessment helped underwrite the deal which was signed after offers were submitted.