Buy-Side Diagnostics

Taking Rapid Diagnostics to the next level. Custom assignment to build out the investment case impact of deploying the Playbook, particularly detailed quantification, phasing as well as feasibility. Typically a 2-4 week piece of work during the first or second rounds of diligence.

Credit Diagnostics

Allows for rapid data ingestion, summarisation and interrogation. Customised to your own credit and lending criteria. Can also be used for enhanced portfolio monitoring.

Portfolio Diagnostics

Ideation workshop and maturity assessment to frame data & AI use case sequencing as well as talent and capability build opportunities.

Rapid Diagnostics

Quickly ascertain the performance improvement potential from deploying WovenLight’s Playbook post-deal. Enhanced with Company Similarity features to better understand the target’s market, competitors and bolt-on acquisition targets, as well as publicly available data. Automated report, designed to help with initial deal evaluation and prioritisation.

Sell-Side Diagnostics

Custom assignment to build the potential of data analytics and the Playbook into future business and exit planning. Can be supplemented with a value creation deployment to accelerate and evidence progress.

Leveraging our value creation expertise to enhance your deal edge.